Deep values, a sense of shared destiny, and a whole lot of passion and love for shoes – these are the threads that bind Pavers England, both as a company and as a community.

Beyond designing, crafting, and selling footwear and accessories, we have made it our business to bring happiness into the world in our own little way by creating products that are beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting. Ours is a unique “Concept to Carrier Bag” approach that guides us in owning and managing the full length and breadth of our business, from

research and development to production, through to marketing and after-sales customer service. We are one of the very few global brands that thrive within this handson operational culture, and we are proud to say that it has been at the cornerstone of our success through the years. Case in point: we have a global network of R&D centers where concepts are developed, designed and tested, before they are ultimately get to our HQ in York, UK for finalization. The result: we have an expansive array of products that appeal to an international, multi-generational, multi-cultural audience – all bearing the Pavers England hallmarks of style, quality, and comfort.

We believe in empowering our people. This is evident in the $5 million that we invest annually towards the continuous training of our over 2000-strong team of Brand Associates. We require all of our sales personnel to undergo a knowledge and skill-building program called the Pavers Retail Excellence Academy. This is critical in optimizing their talents and transforming them into full-fledged brand ambassadors who embody the Pavers England legacy of uncompromising excellence. Our strong commitment towards our people has even earned us the 2016 “Investor in People” Award in the UK.


Product Engineering


Global Logisctics

Customer Service

Happiness on the move

At a Pavers England store, every piece is a story, and shopping becomes a positive, memorable experience. We do not stop at getting our wares off the shelves. Our care and dedication stay with our customers long after they have left our outlet. We are one of the few fashion retailers in the world that offer a lifetime service guarantee for each and every item

that bears our name. We have a dedicated team of CRM specialists who are at our customer’s beck and call, ensuring that wherever they go, our care for them follows. Our expertise also extends to Airport retail – a feat of management efficiency that even the world’s largest companies find challenging. We have 22 airport stores that are powered by a “Rapid Retail Reaction & Replenishment” system

that grants us full control over the entire supply chain.

Empowered by a fundamental principle of unceasing innovation and a penchant for exceeding expectations, we continue to look for new opportunities to delight and bring real joy into the lives of our loyal clientele. We are in the business of happiness – always have been, always will be.